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Inventory control and costing is the cornerstone of an organization's profits.
Realizing this, Arctic Data Corporation has developed a software system, "Arctic Data Flooring System" to handle the special needs of your industry.
This software system has applications for financial reporting, Canadian payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control, invoice generation, job costing, report generation, and database management.

Designed to help in all phases of your business, Our package is a completely integrated system.
All financial entries from the Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Canadian Payroll systems can be automatically transferred to the General Ledger system where custom designed financial statements and reports can be created to suit your specific requirements.

The quotation feature of the Inventory Management system allows you to enter potential sales, and track their progress easily and efficiently. An accepted quotation can be automatically converted to an work order, and through the variety of inventory search methods offered, the correct product can be located, its availability, and possible alternatives can be quickly identified or the system can flag you on what material should be ordered.

Purchase orders can be generated to fill incomplete orders, using the measurements of the required flooring (IE: Sq Feet, Sq Yards, Lineal Ft, etc). This helps to eliminate ordering errors, and on receipt, only information specific to the order need be entered. The Arctic Data Inventory Management system allows you to create invoices or quotes based on a cost up or retail down method. By entering items at cost, and a total quoted amount to produce the correct margin. Whereas you enter in the retail amounts for each item, the system will calculate the margin based in these numbers. Multiple deposits can be entered through the invoicing module to track deposit amounts by either invoice or customer. The invoice can be printed in detail for internal purposes and in a summarized format for your customer.