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Arctic Data ERP

Full of Features

With an abundance of available features, we tailor your software for your business with different features per user.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Labour Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Quoting
  • Cost+
  • Retail-
  • Bank Deposits
  • Bank Reconcilliation
  • Contract Billing
  • Deferred Payments/Invoices
  • CRA submissions

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse/storefront inventory
  • Purchase Orders
  • Stock Count
  • Item Receivings
  • Item Shipping
  • Stock Level Ordering
  • Vendor reports
  • Vendor handling


  • Unlimited number of Employee
  • Timesheets, Manual and Automated
  • Up to date Canadian Tax codes
  • Individual payment structures, commission, bonuses, and vacation pay
  • Automatic pay stub generation
  • Direct deposit
  • CRA ROE, T4, TD1
  • Custom reporting

Employee/Sub-contractor Handling

  • Job progress reporting
  • Generate work order from POS
  • SMS messaging with installers
  • Scheduling installations

Customer Relations

  • Customer and Sales Analysis
  • Post sale follow-up
  • Special pricing
  • CRM modules

Point of Sale

  • Simple software for in-store sales
  • Custom/discount pricing
  • Barcode systems

Custom Modules

Have a unique system you’d like to implement in your business? Or one that you’re already using but need it to be in-sync with the rest of your software?

We’ve got developers ready to work with your business to create custom modules, reporting, or systems to allow you to cross reference them with your reporting, payroll or inventory systems.

Curious if we’ve got a solution for you?

Reach out to us, or schedule a demo to find out how we can help you get out of the weeds of multiple programs, compatibility issues and get back to what matters most.